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A Revolution in International Health Insurance

These days, nearly everything can be paid for with the swipe of a card. Why shouldn't health services covered by an international insurance policy be paid for the same way?
An Outdated System
The need is clear: industry norms in international health insurance are frankly outdated. The lengthy procedure involved in accessing international healthcare is quite daunting: members pay out-of-pocket for services; save paper receipts, doctors' notes and referrals; write lengthy explanations to plead their case; wait... and wait... and wait... and ultimately - maybe - receive reimbursement for their costs.
The Insurance of the Future
The DavidCard put this arcane, burdensome process to its rightful grave. DavidShield announces the end of Payment-for-Service policies.
Through the DavidCard, DavidShield introduces the future of international health insurance: Cashless. Instantaneous. Online. No out-of-pocket expenses, no filing claims, no paper-chase.
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Global Access

With DavidShield insurance is carried on a magnetic card that enables instant payment at nearly any medical provider, anywhere in the world. We don't limit services to a specific network of providers. Any provider that accepts Credit Card is eligible. So whether our members are in Dublin or New York or Shanghai, a vast choice of medical providers is always available, with the same ease of access as it would be at home.

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