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Global Recognition of DavidShield and its Products

At the core of DavidShield's market strategy lays significant efforts to ideally present our services to our target audience and to creatively reinvent the field of insurance to fit the needs of a changing world. Take, for example, our cashless global payment mechanism for health services has been recognized as pioneering and revolutionary. Indeed, we have received broad recognition of our success in these endeavors through various awards and prizes granted to both the company as a whole and particular products offered. Please find below a sampling of some of these awards.
Rebrand 100 Global Awards Winner
DavidShield won the 2013 Rebrand 100® Global Awards for rebranding processes and was placed among the 100 best-branded firms internationally, listed at http://www.rebrand.com/2013-showcase. DavidShield is in good company: among the 100 winning companies are Starbucks, Kellogg's, Delta Airlines and HP.

DavidShield CEO Ilan Gat notes 

   DavidShield's rebranding process reflects the company's decision to expand its activities in the international arena    and to develop into additional markets. The new branding strengthens our core values and our vision of a truly global world in which all people can fulfill themselves anywhere they choose worldwide, freed from healthcare concerns.

DavidShield's branding process highlighted the element of freedom that the company offers for the broad audience of opportunity-seekers who wish to move abroad on relocation but are accustomed to Western service standards in healthcare or are intimidated by the hassle and limitations of a foreign healthcare system. DavidShield is not only a service provider in alleviating this burden, but also an enabler that opens up the world for them - gives them wings to fly - by freeing them from constraints. DavidShield thus expands its target audience's "comfort zone" to a global sphere, provides the sense of home abroad, and clears out room for its clients to focus on other issue of importance to them.
Paybefore Finalist and Product of the Year:
DavidShield's PassportCard travel insurance platform
DavidShield's travel insurance platform carried on a magnetic card, PassportCard, was one of the top three finalists in its category of the 2012 sixth annual Paybefore Awards - amongst the most prestigious awards honoring advanced prepaid and credit card solutions globally with over 20 categories. It was also hailed as Product of the Year by an insurance brokers' magazine and its readership.
PassportCard is a unique patent, the first of its kind in the world, offering global travel insurance carried on a debit card. The policy enables clients to receive medical services abroad without any out-of-pocket expenses, through the swipe of a card. When policyholders require medical services abroad, they merely notify DavidShield and their PassportCard is pre-loaded with funds that enable payment on the spot. This efficient cashless process eliminates the need for insurance claims forms and refund procedures.
Paybefore Awards Finalist
The Paybefore Awards is amongst the most prestigious awards honoring advanced prepaid solutions, established to recognize initiatives that utilize prepaid cards as a progressive payment mechanism. Dozens of competitors - individuals and companies from a multitude of countries with cutting-edge products in the prepaid field - are judged in 20 different categories by a panel of six expert judges from around the world.
PassportCard's selection as a Paybefore Awards Finalist provides recognition of DavidShield's revolutionary system of instantaneous payment for medical services internationally, based on a prepaid debit card. As Paybefore CEO Marilyn Bochicchio notes, "The prepaid industry is rapidly developing, offering global payment solutions for consumers, businesses and governments". DavidShield is proud to be at the forefront of this industry.
Product of the Year
DavidShield's PassportCardTM travel insurance policy was nominated as 2012 Product of the Year by an insurance brokers' magazine and its readership. Reflecting the picks of industry analysts, journalists, editors and professionals in the field, this ranking is among the most important annual industry hallmarks, highlighting the leading insurance companies and exceptional insurance products.
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