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Confidentiality & Security

DavidShield undertakes to protect the privacy of your data and to protect the personal information that you provide on the DavidShield website (hereinafter: "the site").Therefore, all information provided to us will be kept in absolute confidentiality and will only be used for the purpose for which it is intended, including use as detailed below:
Data collection and use
All collected data is intended for the purpose of offering an insurance quote, issuing insurance policies and handling associated matters arising from and related to the issuing of policies. Use of this information enables DavidShield to bring to the attention of its customers information relating to products and services that may be of interest to them, to engage in statistical processing and to handle claims. Customers agree that DavidShield share this information for the purpose of processing and storage with relevant third parties as DavidShield will deem right, for the purpose of processing and research subject to provisions of the Eu/ and or IL Protection of Privacy Law. If you are not interested in receiving information about products and services that DavidShield considers to be of interest to you, you must notify us in this regard and we will make sure not to send you such information.
External links
This site includes links to other internet sites. Please Note - DavidShield is and will not be responsible for the privacy protection policies of these sites. The policies described in this document are valid only for this site. Moreover, DavidShield is not responsible for the software appearing on any external sites, for the software or any other means presented on these sites or for any direct or indirect damage that might be caused to the equipment (software or hardware) in your possession while surfing these sites.
DavidShield may, while you are using this site, make use of cookies. Cookies are a unique internal marker that we send to your browser. These do not constitute a computer software and they do not have the ability to read information that is on your computer or to carry out any actions whatsoever on your computer. By using cookies, our site identifies you when you contact us again on this site - thereby enabling us to give you faster, more efficient service; they also save you from repeatedly having to fill in your personal details, which DavidShield has already stored.
Occasionally, users of the website will be asked to fill out surveys providing DavidShield with feedback. Participation in surveys is strictly voluntary, and users are free to provide any information they desire or not to participate in the survey at all. Any information provided by the user through surveys will be used to improve, change, control and track the use of and the satisfaction with the site.
Correcting, updating and deleting personal information
If your details change or you are no longer interested in the services of this site, please notify us and we will act accordingly to correct or to delete your details proactively and absolutely.
Limitations on the use of information
In keeping with our policy of protecting privacy and confidentiality, DavidShield securely guards your information. We do not sell it and do not transfer it to others for any use whatsoever, except for the purpose for which it was intended and which is described in this document. However, certain laws, court orders, demands of the regulator or any other authorized person may override the confidentiality of the information provided, and DavidShield will act in accordance with the requirements of legal proceedings in such matters.
Notification of changes
DavidShield reserves the right to make changes in this declaration. At such times, a statement noting any updates regarding protection of privacy and security will also appear on the DavidShield site. In the event that changes are made relating to the use of personal information, we undertake to announce them on the website or by email.
DavidShield will do all in its power to protect the confidentiality of your personal information. To this end, DavidShield uses reasonable security measures in keeping with the high standards of the internet industry, and has also adopted strict rules for protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your information, protecting against misuse of the information you have provided, or against unauthorized hacking of the aforementioned information. DavidShield applies both physical and technical administrative tools for overall protection of the information stored in this site and periodically checks the integrity of the system. In spite of these precautious, all DavidShield customers are informed that it is impossible to completely guarantee that no intruder may hack into the system, and DavidShield is not responsible for any damage whatsoever that has not been caused by the court-determined negligence of DavidShield.
Please note:
If the aforementioned declaration of privacy or some other information mentioned elsewhere on this site is not to your satisfaction and full agreement, we recommend that you end your use of this site immediately and notify us about your misgivings.
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