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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DavidCard?
How do I use DavidCard?
Is DavidCard suitable for the whole family?
Which medical providers honor DavidCard?
When should I contact the Customer Service Center?
What services will I receive through DavidCard?
What should I do in the case of a lost card?
Do I have to present medical records or receipts?
What is a Member ID card?
What are global zones?
Can I travel to another country to be treated?
If I travel out of my global zone, am I covered?
If I travel to another country to be treated, will you cover my travel costs?
Can I move from one plan to another after the plan has started?
I did not purchase the Worldwide Coverage Rider. Am I covered out of my global zone?
When can I add a cost-sharing waiver to my policy?
What is a "medical service provider"?
What are “preferred service providers"?
Where can I find a complete list of my coverage and benefits?
Am I covered as soon as I sign up?
Do I need to pay a deductible when I receive medical services abroad?
What is not covered by the policy?
How do I choose a medical service provider?
Can my premiums change after I sign up?
What is UCR?
When does the Customer Service Center operate?
When can I call the Physicians’ Room?
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