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The Future of International Health Insurance for your Relocated Employees
Sending employees abroad on relocation is a serious responsibility. We at DavidShield aid you in helping your employees and their families make the transition abroad as smooth as possible. Our policies provide maximum coverage and utmost convenience for the benefit of both managers and employees.
The world of international health insurance has been revolutionized by DavidShield's new and unique cashless service.Along with the convenient policies, high level of service, direct involvement with employees and a dedicated E-Service Portal make it easy send employees on relocation and enable quick, instantaneous, online management of your employee insurance files.
Quite simply: at DavidShield, we work hard so you don't have to.
DavidShield advantages:
Cashless, flexible insurance
Your employees will thank you - our members do not have to pay out-of-pocket for health services under coverage. We are the only international health insurance provider that has clients carrying their coverage on a magnetic card, the DavidCard, which we rapidly load with funds to pay in advance for any eligible medical services.
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Unparalleled customer services, for both employees and managers
We make customer service our top priority. Given the frustration both relocated employees and managers often experience in dealing with large, overly bureaucratic insurance providers, we have tailored an innovative, technological, highly accessible customer service plan that provides a revolutionary level of service to both employees and managers.
Doctors' Room

We offer a 24/7 multilingual Doctors’ Room service: within minutes, we will have an expert physician available through our toll-free number to consult your employees regarding any medical issue that might arise, in a familiar language.

Accessible 24/7  

We are accessible 24/7, through a toll-free number from over 40 countries worldwide – our Service Charter sets strict standards for response times by phone and Email, to which we are so seriously committed that we actually take initiative to compensate our members for any (rare) violations of our service-level agreement.

Direct contact 
with your employees

The direct employee services we offer enable the manager to take a step back and focus on his other managerial duties, with the confidence that his employees’ global healthcare needs are taken care of.

Our Business Coordination Center offers a direct line for managers that connects you with a real person and not an automated service; you will never be put on hold by a nameless representative. We assign each manager a personal contact at DavidShield with whom you maintain direct communicatiofn, and can always be available for problem-solving and account-managing assistance.
Broad, tailor-made policiesf
The insurance policies are backed by one of the largest, internationally leading health insurance suppliers: Allianz, and an Allianz expatriate insurance company ,Hauteville. As a manager sending employees on relocation, you can rest assured that there simply is not a more reliable insurance out there. We work with you hand-in-hand to adapt and personalize the policies to your specifications and particular conditions in relocation regions.
  • Our policies cover a broad range of medical services including physician visits; routine tests; hospitalization; infant, child and youth testing; surgery; and implants.
  • We offer a First Dollar service (no cost-sharing) in employees' new zone of residence, while coverage exists beyond their zone of residence not only for emergencies but also for elective procedures. In coordination with the insurance policy you purchased.
  • You can also select various forms of add-on coverage including disability/accident insurance, dental insurance, eye-care insurance and other add-ons.
In sum: sending your employees abroad with DavidShield offers utmost convenience and peace-of-mind. We get directly involved with your employees to address all their health insurance needs on relocation - so you won't have to.
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