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You simply won't find another international insurance policy out there with the extraordinary features we provide to make healthcare provision and customer service as accessible and convenient as DavidShield. We guarantee it. Our policy's ground-breaking components are redefining the notion of international health coverage. Some key characteristics include the following:

Freedom of choice
 We don't limit our members to specific suppliers or specific zones.

The revolutionary DavidCard
Members carry their insurance on a patent card. We pay for members' health services directly, in real time, by loading funds to the card online; our members receive health services with the swipe of a card, with no out-of pocket expenses or claims to be filed for reimbursement. Cashless international health insurance is simply not available anywhere else.

Unparalleled customer service

  • Our 24/7 multilingual customer service hotline is available through a toll-free call from approximately 40 countries worldwide;
  • Our phenomenal customer service is backed by a Service Charter, in which we commit ourselves to strict standards regarding maximum wait-times for phone and email responses and other issues; and we mean it - we take initiative to compensate members for any breach of our objective service criteria.
  • Through our Physicians' Room, we make a multilingual team of expert physicians available for online or telephone consultation 24/7, within ten minutes.

A leading international insurer
 DavidShield provides insurance through Allianz, one of the largest global insurers.

A range of insurance programs
 In addition to international medical insurance, DavidShield offers disability insurance, dental insurance, eye-care insurance and other add-ons.


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