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Cutting-Edge Services, Satisfied Clients:
DavidShield Saves Brokers Time, Effort and Money
The world of international health insurance has recently been revolutionized with DavidShield's new cashless services. As a broker, this good news for clients is also good news for you. Quite simply: at DavidShield, we work hard so you don't have to.
DavidShield advantages:
Cashless, flexible insurance
Our members do not have to pay out-of-pocket for health services under coverage. We are the only international health insurance MGU that has members carrying their coverage on a magnetic card, the DavidCard, which we rapidly load with funds to pay in advance for any eligible doctors' visits, lab tests or prescription medication with one swipe, at any provider that accepts MasterCard. Indeed, we've introduced the end of cash-for-service international health policies.
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Unparalleled customer services, extended to brokers as well
We make customer service our top priority. Given the frustration both clients and brokers have experienced in dealing with overly bureaucratic insurance providers in the past, we have tailored an innovative, technological, highly accessible customer service plan and have extended this revolutionary level of service to our brokers as well.

Doctors' Room

We offer a 24/7 multilingual Doctors' Room service: within minutes, we will have an expert physician available through our toll-free number to consult  insured members  regarding any medical issue that might arise, in a familiar language.

Accessible 24/7 

We are accessible 24/7, through toll-free numbers from over 40 countries worldwide - our Service Charter sets strict standards for response times by phone and Email. As a token of apology for any breach that may occur in our promise for quality service, we compensate our members for any (rare) violations of our service-level agreement.


Coordination center

Our Business Coordination Center offers a direct line to a personal account manager with whom you will have direct communication, who knows your name and business and can always be available for problem-solving and account-managing assistance.

Our team keeps a highly professional profile and is ready to assist any broker with his international health insurance challenges.


Self-Service Website

We also offer a unique Broker's Self-Service Website that enables the broker to manage all his activities efficiently.

Through this website he can browse through insurance premiums, billing collection statements, 

commision reports and keep files online, as well as make direct online purchases for his clients. The Broker Self-Service website saves time and makes the antire process simple and smooth.

With DavidShield, your reputation among clients is in good hands. The insurance policies are backed by one of the largest, internationally leading health insurance suppliers: Allianz, and an Allianz expatriate insurance company, Hauteville. You can confidently market the policies: there is simply no better insurance out there.
Beyond a guarantee of quality for members, we take our trustworthiness with brokers seriously. We maintain the highest international standards of information management and health privacy. As a DavidShield broker, your clients and your portfolio remain yours alone - guaranteed. So you can rest assured that your referral is safe, your portfolio remains your own (personally managed online), while at the same time enjoying the advantages of our client customer service that prevents the need for your own intervention.
This is the future of international health insurance - technologically innovative, efficient, and trouble-free. Jump on the bandwagon and join our team as a DavidShield broker.
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