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Introducing the Future of International Health Insurance
DavidShield offers a health insurance plan that is perfectly tailored to your own needs and the needs of your family: comprehensive core coverage and the flexibility of adding on benefits.
But that's just the beginning.
We at DavidShield invite you to experience the revolution that we've introduced to international health insurance. Relocating can be a stressful experience, and health insurance shouldn't burden you any further. So we invented a whole new tier of health insurance policies with NO out-of-pocket expenses, NO claims forms, and NO regional limitations on elective services. Indeed, we have fully re-conceptualized international health insurance: we eliminated the nerve-wrecking uncertainty involved in long waiting periods for a response regarding insurance claims, introduced a completely new level of service, and enabled cashless provision of health services globally.
DavidShield advantages:
Cashless, flexible coverage
We provide the only international health insurance which does not requier traditional reimbursement. How? Our insurance membership card is actually a MasterCard, the DavidCard. At DavidShield, all you need to do is call us, and we rapidly load your DavidCard with funds in advance for you to pay for your doctors' visit, lab test or prescription medication with one swipe at any provider that accepts MasterCard.
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Unparalleled customer services
DavidShield is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. We hold ourselves to high and measurable standards and have thus composed a unique Service Level Agreement that can be measured in quantity and quality. To lean more.
Doctors' Room

We offer a 24/7 multilingual Doctors’ Room service: within minutes, we will make an expert physician available to our insurance members through our toll-free numbers, to consult regarding any medical issue that might arise, in a familiar language.

Accessible 24/7

 Our Multilingual Customer Service line operates 24/7, through toll-free numbers worldwide. Our Service Charter sets strict standrds for response times by phone and Email. As a token of apology for any breach that may occur in our promise for quality service, we compensate our members for any (rare) violations of our service-level agreement. 

Reliable and Dependable

Our insurance policy is backed by one of the largest, health insurance group in the wrold: Allianz, via its global health insurance subsidiary  Hauteville. It is the find a most reliable insurance solution out there.

Sef Self Service Website

Committed to accessible and transparent service, we invite our insurance members to access our Self Service Website where they can save time by managing all their activities easily and efficiently. The system allows to file a new claim, check claim status, view reimbursements, search for medical service providers, and more.

  • Our policies cover a broad range of medical services including physician visits; routine tests; hospitalization; infant, child and youth testing; surgery, complex care,  transplants etc'.
  • We provide a First Dollar service (with NO cost-sharing) in your zone of residence, but supply coverage worldwide beyond your zone of residence not only for emergencies, but also for elective procedures as well. According to the insurance policy you purchased.
  • We offer various forms of coverage add-ons, including disability/accident insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance and others.
In seeking the ideal international health insurance policy for expats, you won't find greater convenience or peace-of-mind than that which DavidShield provides with its revolutionary cashless system. This is the future of international health insurance - technologically innovative, time-saving and trouble-free.
Contact us for a quote or to learn more.
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