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Emergency Evacuation

No matter where in the world you are, we'll airlift you out to receive medical services as necessary.
That's DavidShield's Emergency Medical Evacuation Service promise. If no adequate, Western-standard healthcare facility exists locally, and the medical emergency warrants immediate attention, we will airlift you to a facility capable of providing you with the care you need.
Sometimes life takes us to places in which sufficient medical services simply do not exist. With DavidShield's Emergency Medical Evacuation Service, you can take comfort in knowing that should a medical emergency arise, we will make every effort to get you to the nearest quality medical facility as fast as possible by arranging an airlift - whether it's located in another country or continent, or just beyond the next mountain peak.
DavidShield's excellent network and experience working with top rescue, recovery and evacuation professionals worldwide gives you an advantage; we are well-drilled and well prepared to make emergency evacuations globally.
DavidShield's Emergency Medical Evacuation Service also includes coverage to basic expenses and airline ticket for an escort, reimbursement for a return flight to the country of destination, repatriation of remains, expenses and flights for accompanying minors, continued treatment and observation, and other benefits, in accordance with the policy terms.
To review our Emergency Medical Evacuation policy terms click here.
We invite you to contact DavidShield representatives via our toll-free numbers 24/7. We would be glad to answer any questions, or to help you compare policies and insurance options available to you.
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