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Usage of the DavidShield Internet site, all its content and the opportunities and services provided therein (hereinafter: "the site") is conditional upon the acceptance of the terms, conditions and notices appearing within this document. By using the site, users affirm their consent to its terms, conditions and notices.

Service Eligibility

The insurance products and policies listed herein are subject to different sets of terms, limitations and conditions. The products described in this website are not available in all countries or to any and every potential customer.

Legal Warning - Medical Contents

Information on the site is provided with the sole intention of presenting general medical information for the benefit of the public. All data appearing on the site regarding any medical treatments and/or medication and/or medical services is general and intended solely for informational purposes. The site does operate any medical treatment, hospitalization service, or any other kind of medical service and it must not be deemed as a provider of such services.
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