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 Group Life & Disability Insurance

DavidShield’s solution for Group Life and Disability Insurance
Insuring relocated employees for the worst case takes the burden off of corporate managers.
DavidShield's life and disability insurance policy enables employers to cover employees relocated outside their home countries for extended periods. The combination of life, accidental dismemberment and disability insurance provides coverage for all worst-case scenarios
Key Advantages:
  • Group Enrollment: For groups over 20 employees, the insurance policy can be issued without the need for individual underwriting, on the basis of the employer's declaration that all employees are actively at work.
  • Disability Iinsurance is provided up to 80% of each employee's salary, up to $10,000 per month, until the age of 65. This insurance covers disability caused by disease or any form of accident. During the first two years (Short-term Disability), coverage is based on  employee’s own occupation, and thereafter (Long-term Disability) coverage is based on “any occupation” definition.
  • Life Insurance by joining this plan the employers enables their employees to provide their families with the required financial protection. The insurance fund may become the financial resource for their dependents to carry on.  The insurance is in force through age 65, and a more limited coverage can be extended through age 70
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